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Ioulia Klemens, RD, LDN
(Registered Dietitian)
Nutrition Counseling 

Ioulia Klemens LDN, RD is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), who is specializing in chronic kidney disease, rental dialysis, diabetes, heart health, weight and obesity,  lipid abnormalities, immune support and nutrition for infants and children. 

For over 20 years, Ioulia Klemens has been helping patients in general wellness and having a healthy lifestyle.  

Ioulia Klemens was graduated from Moscow Medical College with a medical nursing degree. Then, she continued her education in Oregon and was graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science. When she moved to Chicago, she added more to her education and was graduated with a degree in M.S. Dietetics from Loyola University, Chicago. 

At BG Medical Center, we help people who are struggling with their endless diets or having health problems that can be improved with with a proper diet. Through personalized counseling, we teach people to fully nourish their minds and bodies — without strict diets and food rules.


You can learn to tune into your hunger and trust yourself around different types of food, and free your mind from obsessive thoughts about the food. 

Ioulia Klemens LDN, RD
Young Dietitian


Core Services

  •   Provide overall nutritional care for pediatric and adults diabetic patients  

  •   Provide overall nutritional care for dialysis patients  

  •   Provide overall nutritional care for weight and obesity,    eating disorders 

  •   Provide overall nutritional care for general wellness 

Healthy Food

Whether you’ve struggled with obesity or an eating disorder your whole life, or you can’t seem to get your blood sugar or cholesterol under control, Ioulia Klemens will help you turn it around and get on track to a healthy life.

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