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Laboratory Services at BG Medical Center

A crucial part of diagnosing many types of illnesses, injuries and conditions are lab tests. Also known as lab testing or laboratory tests, these diagnostic tools can assist anyone in the early detection of a whole host of health complications, and can also aid in the diagnosis of many underlying conditions.

BG Medical Service in Buffalo Grove provides all of our patients with the most reliable laboratory testing services.  We are committed to exceeding your expectations through integrated clinical practice and dedicated customer service. Our multi-tier Quality Control system encompasses a wide variety of technologies to ensure reliable, precise, and accurate results.

Most tests are covered by the applicable health insurance. 


Our modern clinical laboratory offers the following:

Blood Draw

  • General Health Profile

  • School Physical Profile

  • Diabetes Profile

  • Hypertension/ Cardiac Profile

  • STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) Profile

  • Thyroid Obesty Profile

  • Arthritis Profile

  • Amenorrhea / Menstrual Disorder Profile

  • Anemia Profile

  • Hepatitis Panel

  • Obstetric Profile

  • Liver Profile

  • Kidney Profile

  • Chemical Scan

  • Prenatal Profile

  • Abdominal Disease Profile

Urine Test

  • General Urine Test

  • Comprehensive Urine Test

  • Urine Drug Screening


All results are reviewed by senior technologists and pathologist - when necessary the result is verified by an alternative methodology.
The internal Quality Control program utilizes multilevel of "approved" quality control material. The QC results are monitored daily and monthly by a lab supervisor.
A participation in an Inter laboratory Quality Assurance Program insures that the test systems are performing at the highest level of industry standards.

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Clinical Laboratory Services 

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