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Dr. Paul C. Dillon, M.D
(Board-Certified Surgeon of Plastic and Hand Reconstruction)

Dr. Paul C. Dillon, M.D., is a Surgeon of Plastic and Hand Reconstruction with over 30 years of experience and numerous awards. Dr. Dillon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

With professional skills and expertise, Dr. Paul C. Dillon, MD and a team of experts at BG Medical Center will help our patients not just feel their best but also look their best.


Dr. Dillon establishes a relationship with each of his patients to build trust and assure the patient that he will help them reach their desired appearance. Dr. Dillon understands that this process can involve significant changes for the individual patient. Patients can experience a positive change in both appearance and confidence. 


Dr. Paul C. Dillon, M.D.

Dr. Paul C. Dillon, M.D. and specialists at BG Medical Center are committed to providing you with a full spectrum of plastic surgery options, including the following:

Liposuction is a great option for patients who are having difficulty losing stubborn fat. This surgical procedure targets and removes fat deposits that haven’t responded to diet and exercise.

Post Surgical Lymphatic Massage.
In many cases, post surgical lymphatic massage can help your body heal after your procedure. This allows you to return to your everyday life and see your results as quickly as possible.

Breast Lift
A Breast Lift is a surgical procedure that changes the position of the breasts. Many patients choose to undergo a Breast Lift to improve nipple and breast position and appearance. A Breast Lift corrects issues, making the breasts look younger and more aesthetically pleasing.

Breast Reduction
There is no reason to continue living unhappily with the specific size of one’s breasts and being dissatisfied with one’s overall image. We can provide breast reduction surgery as an option to change a patient’s body the way they desire and help our patients reach a comfortable breast size they prefer.

Breast Augmentation
A breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that can can help patients alter the size, shape and volume of their breasts. We can help the patients receive subtle to noticeable changes with the breast augmentation procedure

Eyelid Lift
With this surgical procedure, we can help alter the appearance, remove excess skin and reduce bags under the eyes. This treatment can also help patients who struggle with vision issues due to sagging eyelids or drooping skin around the eyes.

Brazilian Butt Lift
A Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure that enhances the shape and volume of the buttocks. We use fat grafting to achieve a natural look and feel. This procedure can also be an excellent option for patients who may want to correct any volume loss as a result of the aging process.

Tummy Tuck
For many of these patients, pregnancy, weight gain, and/or the aging process has made it difficult to lose weight in their midsection. A Tummy Tuck can address these issues by surgically repairing the abdominal walls and removing excess fat and skin from the midsection. This will create a more thin, tight and firm appearance.

Face Lift
A face lift is a procedure that involves the removal of excess accumulations of skin and fat that create a tired or aged appearance. The procedure remedies loose skin, sagging skin, turkey wattles, jowls and drooping portions of the skin around the eyes. The end result is a visually striking, natural-looking face and jaw.

Neck Lift
Neck lift surgery helps restore the natural elasticity of the neck skin. It can remove excess fat and skin to make the patient’s neck much more youthful-looking, slim and attractive. We restore underlying muscle beneath the excess fat and skin to dramatically improve the patient’s physical appearance.



An initial consultation with Dr. Paul C. Dillon, M.D. starts  by gathering information on the patient’s medical history, any current health conditions, allergies and other pertinent information. We will then go over the patient’s desires for changing his or her appearance. We understand that everyone has some feature of their image they wish they could change and are happy to help.  It is important that the patient is honest about all concerns and desires during the initial consultation.

 Going into the procedure, the patient will receive anesthesia and will most likely be asleep. While there may be some soreness during the procedure, we will go over the proper levels of care following the procedure. 

Dr. Dillon will go over the most effective procedures for the patient and explain the potential results.


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