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Joint And Knee Pain Management Therapy With PRP

There are millions of people out there suffering from joint and knee pain. The most vulnerable groups are elderly people and production workers, who stand next to the machinery most of the day. Different medications are used to treat pain. But there is a more effective way of dealing with knee and joint pain called the Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP). Pain management therapy with PRP has become quite popular these days.

What is PRP therapy?

PRP is a relatively new method of treating pain that has been founded by experts.

In PRP therapy, the pain-affected person is given platelets extracted from the person’s blood. It is injected into the tissues of their bodies.

The process involves the extraction of a blood sample from the patient’s body. It is then spun at a very high speed inside a centrifuge. This helps separate the platelets from the other components in the blood. The platelets are then recombined with the plasma and injected into the body of the patient.

This helps in the reduction or alleviation of pain quickly. This is effective in cases of recovery from a surgical procedure as well.

What are the conditions treated with PRP therapy?

PRP is used to treat various conditions in patients. Other than using it to speed up the process of clotting, the doctors also use it for different conditions like in pain management.

Here are some of the conditions that are treated with the help of PRP therapy:

· It proves to be quite effective in reducing joint friction. It helps in the production of joint fluids which reduces the pain.

· It also alters the pain receptors through the production of protein to reduce the sensation of pain.

· It is used to control the progression of osteoarthritis. It does so by reducing inflammation.

· It also helps in the formation of new cartilage.

Benefits of PRP Therapy

The main benefits of using PRP therapy include:

· It helps in treating chronic pain.

· It is a form of non-invasive treatment.

· This treatment does not leave any scar on your body.

· It helps to reduce the pain quickly.

PRP therapy is an effective knee pain treatment. It is also used for other pain issues as it gives you quick results.

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