BG Medical Center's 20-Year Odyssey:
From Humble Beginnings to Buffalo Grove!

Buckle up, because BG Medical Center's journey has been anything but boring! We opened our doors on November 15th, almost 20 years ago, with a mission to provide top-notch healthcare and wellness services. Like a determined adventurer, we weren't afraid of a little relocation! We've trekked across Buffalo Grove and its surrounding areas, setting up camp in 3 different locations before finding our perfect spot.

Over the years, we've grown and evolved, just like a wise old tree. We've expanded our services to include everything from primary care to beauty and wellness treatments. Today, we're proud to serve the communities of Buffalo Grove, Lincolnshire, and beyond, keeping everyone healthy and looking their best! So, the next time you step through our doors, remember, you're entering a place with a rich history of adventure and growth!

Your Healthcare Dream Team

At BG Medical Center, we're more than just white coats and stethoscopes. We're a passionate crew dedicated to your health and well-being. Here, you'll find a team of experienced professionals who are friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to answer your questions.

Yasser Rivera, general manager in BG Medical center, Buffalo Grove
Yasser Rivera
General manager
Doctor Harry Keith Monroe, MD, medical director in BG Medical center, Buffalo Grove
H. Keith Monroe, MD
Medical director
Mia Gery, administrative manager in BG Medical center, Buffalo Grove
Mia Gery
Administrative manager
team member
John A Wascow, DC
Doctor Kenneth J Byom, MD, surgeon in BG Medical center, Buffalo Grove
Kenneth J Byom, MD
Internal medicine, surgeon
Olga Bereziuk, PhD, doctor's assistent in BG Medical center, Buffalo Grove
Olga Bereziuk, PhD
Internal medicine, hematology
Carla Heiser
Carla Heiser
Zita Kazlauskiene, massage therapist in BG Medical center, Buffalo Grove
Zita Kazlauskiene
Massage therapist
Yulia Ivanischak, esthetician in BG Medical center, Buffalo Grove
Yulia Ivanischak
team member
Alfia Chyngyshpaeva
Medical assistant
team member
Daria Volnaya
Medical assistant
team member
Alisa Dedkova

Why choose us

At BG Medical Center, we're all about providing you with a comprehensive and convenient healthcare experience.
We offer a variety of features to make taking care of yourself a breeze

Service list
  • Comprehensive approach

    Wide Range of Services: We offer a one-stop shop for your health needs, from primary care and preventive checkups to aesthetic procedures

  • hospital equipment

    Advanced Technology: We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and electronic health records to ensure accurate diagnoses and efficient care

  • female doctors in teal scrubs

    Patient-Centered Approach: Our friendly staff takes the time to listen to your concerns and create a personalized treatment plan that fits your needs

  • Reception at BG Medical Center

    Comfortable Atmosphere: Our center is designed to be welcoming, so you can feel at ease during your visit