Anti-cellulite treatments

Our personalized treatment plans, customized to the grade of your cellulite, can help you achieve noticeable results in just 12 weeks. Wear your favorite clothes without hesitation
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Why do you need Anti-Cellulite Treatments?

While genetics play a role, cellulite forms when fat cells push through connective tissue under the skin, creating a dimpled surface. Unfortunately, this is more common in women due to hormonal differences and thinner connective tissue. But our targeted cellulite treatments address these issues, promoting smoother, firmer skin.

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  • Non-Surgical Convenience

    Non-Surgical Convenience: Ditch the downtime and discomfort of surgery. Our treatments offer a safe approach

  • Personalized Treatment Plans

    Personalized Treatment Plans: We customize treatment plans based on the severity of your cellulite

  • Almost Painless Procedures

    Almost Painless Procedures: Relax and enjoy the process! Our advanced techniques and gentle touch minimize discomfort

Our Effective Cellulite Treatments

Millions of women struggle with cellulite. But what if we told you achieving smoother, more toned skin is possible? At BG Medical Center in Buffalo Grove, IL, we offer a range of non-surgical cellulite treatments designed to visibly reduce cellulite and improve your silhouette.

A specialist performing a lipolytic injection on a patient’s thigh to target and reduce stubborn fat deposits
Lipolytic injections
Dissolve fat cells and promote their elimination for targeted cellulite reduction
Draining injections
Reduce fluid build-up and improve circulation for a more sculpted appearance
A specialist performing a draining injection on a patient’s thigh to reduce fluid build-up
Stimulate collagen production and enhance anti-cellulite serum absorption
professional do microneedling to stimulate collagen production
Promote lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness for a smoother look
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Cellulite has grades

Cellulite can appear differently depending on its severity. Understanding your grade helps us create the most effective treatment plan:
Grade 1: Mild dimpling noticeable when pinching the skin.
Grade 2: More visible dimpling when you sit
Grade 3: Deep dimplings and visible irregularities on the skin's surface.

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Why Choose BG Medical Center

BG Medical Center offers personalized, non-surgical cellulite treatment plans tailored to the specific grade of your cellulite for optimal results, all in a comfortable and pain-free environment

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    Free Consultation: Discuss your goals and address any questions during a complimentary consultation with our knowledgeable staff

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    Expert Injector: Our injectors have over 9 years of experience, ensuring optimal results and your safety

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    Flexible Payment Plans: We partner with Cherry, CareCredit, and Affirm to make your dream body a reality with affordable payment plan

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    Proven Results:  We use a proven approach, typically leading to a cellulite improvement in just 10-12 weeks

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    Dedicated Care: Our friendly staff provides ongoing support throughout your journey, ensuring you feel comfortable and informed

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    Free follow-up: Enjoy complimentary follow-up appointment to address any questions and ensure the best result

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Frequently asked questions

What areas can be treated for cellulite?

Cellulite treatments can target various areas commonly affected by cellulite, such as thighs, buttocks, hips, and abdomen.

What treatment will help me best?

The best treatment for cellulite depends on the grade and location of your cellulite. We'll develop a personalized treatment plan during your consultation that may include options like lipolytic injections, radiofrequency treatments, or laser therapy.

How quickly can I see results?

While some improvement might be noticeable sooner, significant improvement with cellulite treatments typically takes around 10-12 weeks.

Can I get rid of cellulite totally?

Various treatments can significantly improve its appearance by reducing dimpling and smoothing the skin texture. Healthy weight and lifestyle also helps manage cellulite.

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